Thursday, January 23, 2014

Summer and Winter mats

First the boring stuff - trying to make head or tail of Professional Weavers accounts.  In the end daughter got me on the right road.  I owe you!
 Production of plum sauce and muslei -  I actually make 6 times the Alison Holst recipe for muslei as couldn't cope with making it every week.  Rinda, I will plant the hibiscus cuttings soon, they are just starting to show roots.
 Pete makes a great Thai green curry but won't do it without lemon grass so I found a plant and planted it in the same pot as lemon balm.  Went out to water it two days later and it was gone, roots and all.  We've decided a sea gull wanted lemon with its fish!
I've been dyeing hanks for a run of blankets.  Of course I did it the day "downgraded cyclone June" arrived.  (which means it was a low with lots of rain and wind)  What would I do without the stairway rail to dry things on.
 There has been weaving in the form of summer and winter mats.

 The reverse side (taken as the evening light faded).
 Personally, I don't like dealing with lots of mats but enjoy this runner arrangement and its even better if one has a long one through the centre of the table.  Should I make another for the centre?
 Close up


  1. Diane, I love the idea of using the runners as mats - very European. Yes I think a center runner would be perfect. The grey and white combination is just lovely.

  2. The loom is threaded, and just waiting for "magic force" to throw the shuttle, for two more runners rather than one long one. Hoping this is a practical solution.

  3. Now I know that 'great minds think alike!'. I've been planning the same runner configuration for my table; I think that it looks great as is but that a centre mat could be spectacular. I would love to take you up on your offer to have a short visit and talk weaving when we are in NZ in March. Michael and I will be in your area on the 19-20th if that works out. Please email me at and we can chat.