Sunday, January 12, 2014

Looking back at production in 2013

Recently Martha at Thistle Rose Weaving posted a list of the highlights of her weaving year as has Susan at Thrums.  It was a really interesting exercise to look back as I had forgotten a lot of what I made earlier in the year.  Here is a selection.
Carolyn's blanket
A whole series of Starburst Snowflake articles including place mats and Zoe's blankets

Wedding party wraps

Wild raspberry wrap

A large number of blankets

Many articles in 4 colour double weave
Shadow weave wrap
Selectors display at Creative Fibre Experience
and then I went on holiday for five weeks and I wondered why I was completely exhausted!
Pam's wrap

Taniko blankets for Pauanesia
and the latest play with Summer and Winter.

I think I wove 45 pieces altogether but we haven't mentioned the knitting, spinning and sewing.


  1. Thanks Alicja. After nearly 30 years of professional weaving its still a lot of fun.

  2. What a fabulous collection of beautiful handwovens! I guess you hit the treadles early hours to late. :)

    well done Dianne!

  3. Susan, not early but often an hour or two after dinner if my audio book is good and TV abysmal.

  4. My favourite is the starburst snowflake scarf, and matching Zoe's blankets (very durable, they still look great after many cycles of dribble and washing).

  5. Dianne, that raspberry wrap has my name written all over it, fabulous color and drape. Always enjoy seeing what you are working on, your color sense is perfect. What a lovely collection of work.