Thursday, February 27, 2014

A day in the life of a weaver ...

This morning I had breakfast with a friend whose lady friend has split from him.  We had actually had friends for tea last night but as he still seemed rather upset I suggested he stay over.

While talking after eating I sorted the banking for a weaving group of which I'm treasurer and filed an awful lot of papers.  Wrote out cheques to be used at a Seminar next weekend.  Also had a quick read of what workshops I'm doing this weekend and what I need to take with me.  After friend was on his way I put a load of washing in the machine and put a shibori scarf in to soak ready for dyeing.  While waiting for them to do their thing I tried to tidy the length of tassels on the end of a scarf  hoping to get them nearer one length.  I think there was a phone call in here with reference to next weeks Seminar.

Painted the dye on the scarf and while eating a quick sandwich for lunch it steamed.  Whipped it out of the pot and left it to cool while I drove to Waihi for banking and then on to Whiritoa (about 45 minutes from home) to say goodbye to a dear weaving friend who has sold her house and is moving to Feilding (about 5 hours drive).  I will miss our show and tells greatly but it'll still cost exactly the same for a phone call.  When I got home I rinsed scarf and its now drying on top of the hot water cylinder.  While rinsing I'm on the phone to friend who is not at all well (notice a certain amount of multitasking going on through the day).  Finished washing the car about 6.30 and thought I better cook tea.

Am now sorting and packing stuff for a weekend with the Majacraft folks at a weekend get together on the shores of Lake Rotorua.  Can't wait.  I'm going to chill ... zzzz


  1. Good to know you are all geared up for seminar Dianne. I'm SO looking forward to it.

  2. Don't know about that Kylie, can I borrow Jack's cape?
    You and me too, Rose, see you there.