Monday, February 10, 2014

Shibori play

Its been a while and I'm not going to look back to see how long ago I last posted.

I have been weaving; two more runners to match the summer and winter grey/white ones and another red narrow one to match the placemats I gave my daughter at Christmas time and a wee square with the leftover warp.

 None of these have been wet finished or hemmed for which I need to set up the sewing machine on the dining room table - hence the hesitation.

Before I take the summer and winter off the loom (forever) I wanted to try some shibori using the S & W threading.

 This is a small sample showing both sides but the interesting thing is it uses a regular S & W threading of 1323, 1424 etc.  Most of the books (and my workshop notes) state that you need to extend the number of threads between the tie down threads i.e. 13432343, 15652565 to get texture.

The reason I wanted to try the shibori was to try some beautiful fine merino thread which a group I belong to, Professional Weavers Network, had made specially for us.  It has a little bit of overtwist and I wondered how this would react in holding the texture.  The above samples have been soaked and rinsed in warm water after the resist threads were removed - success.  More later when the scarves are finished.

I'm working hard to get these off the loom so I can thread for blankets.  I convinced a friend she really didn't need wool/mohair blankets in the middle of January but her patience may be wearing thin.

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