Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Merino spinning

When I'm on duty at the Cargo Shed I have to have something to do so am taking the opportunity to break into some of my sliver stash.  This is
merino sliver from Treetops of  Perth, Western Australia.  
I split the sliver lengthwise then loosened the fibres by pulling lengthwise.  They were too sticky to start with to use a diz. Spinning was a joy.  I was hoping I could get matching areas of colour.  It isn't too bad, just small areas of bean poling.
The yarn is not the best spinning by a long shot but oh so squishy and soft.  (Click to enlarge.)

I got home from the Shed in time to see a cruise ship passing Tuhua.  I couldn't help yelling out to the passengers - water choppy is it, breeze a bit chilly is it, feeling the chill are you, should have bought a shawl when you had the chance.  (I know, I'm mad.)

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