Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Knitting Year 2014 in pictures

I was a busy trooper, didn't realise I'd knitted quite so much!
Annis scarf.  Strictly speaking this was knitted in '13 but I blocked it in 2014.

Rinda's cocoon wrap.  Very pleased to see her wearing it often.

Zoe's jumpers

Thrums knotted together and knitted into sofa throws.

Jack's grandpa jacket.  When he opened the parcel he announced 'I don't wear green, only blue'.  When you're cold you wear green!

Handspun sliver from Fibre2go.  Steven West Metalouse pattern.

Dr Who socks

TV slouch socks machine knitted.

There are several projects either partly or almost finished and I did knit many samples to be used in a workshop I'm presenting at Festival in April.  
The needles aren't idle for long.


  1. Lot's of lovely projects! I hadn't thought about knotting thrums together....mmmmm there's an idea!

  2. Hi Rachel, Because I make many blankets of the same weight yarn and tie one warp on to the next many of the knots are there before the thrums come off the loom. It is fun to knit with it.