Friday, January 2, 2015

The Weaving Year 2014 in Pictures

Happy 2015 to you all.
Its really interesting to research a summary of the weaving which happens during the year.
This past year, 2014, my records tell me I wove 67 articles, mostly blankets and scarves 
with a little sidetrack into tableware.  Below is a selection of photos of some of the articles.
Kowhai blanket, a new colour exploration for me.

Summer and Winter table mats.
Several sets of mats and runners gifted to family members.

37 blankets in total this year.

Paint pallet.
My favourite piece this year.
Shibori using the same summer and winter threading as the table mats but the treadling altered.

Displayed and sold at Tauranga Creative Fibre Exhibition.

More shibori as above.  Unbelievable they could be woven on the same threading!
 I was commissioned to make a series of Scarves for Men by Inspirit gallery.  Below a couple of examples.
Navy and white.

Brown and taupe.

Huia blanket.

Huia Korowai.
There was quite a lot of experimentation with 4 colour double weave.
Tangerine Dream, winner of Design Award at Creative Fibre Experience exhibition.

Chromatic Reflections, third prize at Waikino Exhibition

Chromatic Reflections

Coral Habitat.

Pohutukawa blanket commissioned by Inspirit Gallery.

Series of cotton scarves all from the same warp using an interleaved threading and different treadlings.

Speaker cloth for retro sound systems.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing this summary as much as I enjoyed making each and every piece.
Look out for one on knitted projects soon.

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