Friday, January 13, 2017

Follow on from last post

Last post you saw the sliver which has now been spun as a single.  Have to decide what to ply it with before the next stage.

 A bit of frogging and the socks now fit perfectly.
 Is three year old telling me she needs a matching pair? 
Not this time around, I've burnt the pattern.
It wasn't a pattern that flowed and the heel worked last in the round, well, no, not for me.
We've had a treat this last week, had the grand children to stay for three nights while their Mum was on night shift.  We drove to Mercer to pick them up and after lunch headed home.  Anyone who knows the northend approach to Waihi Beach will know that as you start downhill you round a bend and this vista of blue sky and azure ocean looking out to Mayor Island is before you.  A little excited voice from the back seat said "I can see Australia".
It was a fun time at play grounds, buggie boarding in the ocean, building damns, rivers, bridges and more.

 For Christmas I was given a subscription to a new magazine, fabricate.  As the title suggests its about fibre related subjects, mainly from New Zealand and some Australian, and its a very good read.  Cait McLennan Whyte, formally of Alterknitive fame, is the editor.  If you are interested in textiles it would be great to support this new publication by subscribing and keep it thriving.
 Issue 2, Summer 2016 has an article on the Professional Weavers Network exhibition "Cloak"  and my two wall art pieces are featured.

 I have worn out so many ball winders of the plastic variety it isn't funny so, also for Christmas, Pete got me a metal heavy duty number.  It goes so fast my wooden skein holder won't turn fast enough and the cotton was breaking so I'm using the skein attachment for my Majacraft spinning wheel.  Remember those boxes of cotton, 2 balls done, 19.8 kilos to go!

 Now that the visitors have gone home for a short while our table has reverted to its true purpose.  
Fix it, finishing station.


  1. Socks are super comfy and super trendy. I'll be showing them off this winter.