Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction
A contemporary installation of hand weaving
by members of Professional Weavers Network of New Zealand
Chain Reaction 
(photos by Agnes Hauptli)

Professional Weavers Network is a group of weavers whose aim is to ensure textiles are promoted and recognised as a vibrant, exciting and high quality contemporary art form.

Chain Reaction is an installation reflecting a chain reaction of colour.  Each piece incorporates two dominant colours in the design - one to be incorporated in the piece to the left and the other in the piece to the right.  The colours echo along the installation.
As well as exhibiting the skill and creativity of 22 weavers, the work will be viewed as one continuous piece of art that will reflect the communication and co-operation of individual members of PWN.

Dianne Dudfield

I received a quantity of pale to mid blue 110/2 wool from my weaving neighbour.  I paired this with a navy blue and tied on to a warp already on my loom, a parallel (or echo) threading.  I then changed the tieup and treadling as I wove to decrease the wave size.  My wefts were olive and turquoise and I passed the turquoise on to my other neighbour who then used that in her warp.
We also sent samples of our yarns to two of our tapestry weavers and they encorporated them in their tapestries, seen at either end of the display.

Chain Reaction was first displayed at Refinery Gallery in Nelson and is now at Te Ahu Centre in Northland.  It will travel to Mahara Gallery in Waikanae in August.

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