Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Its the little things .....

Was getting, oh I don't know, like homesick but I was missing my family like mad so took a short trip to Auckland to see them;  two days with no. 1 son and grandies and 2 days with daughter.
One activity was to take the Grandies to Maraetai Beach. 

Did I mention this before?  I was gifted some beautiful bobbins crafted by a friend's husband to fit a Mecchia small shuttle.  They are made from wood from the Kauri tree, feel wonderful and give a very soft tinkle as the yarn unwinds.  Love them, thanks Gav.

In the last wee while I've given two talks on Colour, the first to our monthly weaving group and the second to Tauranga Guild.
And look one hour in and the table looks just like my home!!
Question:  everything I've read and know from experience is that black brightens, white dulls and grey makes colour almost disappear.  Is this statement correct?  How can white make a colour "pop" or stand our?

I opened the spare bedroom wardrobe door to get one skein of yarn from "down there".  As I pulled it out a very slow moving avalanche started.  There was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it coming, it just kept sliding and all ended up at my feet.
 I've been weaving a large order of scarves and thoroughly enjoying the challenge of meeting the brief, dyeing the yarn and weaving.
Couldn't wait to get started on these beauties.

Back in the spring my grandson asked me if I'd knit him a sleeveless vest.  Who could resist that commission but summer came and it was hot and there were other things to do.  I eventually delivered a vest in autumn on trip to Auckland mentioned above and, oh dear, it'll fit him when he's a teenager!  So back to the knitting machine.  Hope its keeping him warm now.

And, of course, there are always blankets on the go.  Warp chains as they were going on the loom
I'll be back when the scarf order is finished.


  1. Holy Cow Diane, you are one busy bee! Looking at your photos it seems that every day in NZ is a beautiful sunny day...wish it was so on Vancouver Island. Today it is grey and cool and it makes the colours on my loom blah right out. Sometimes I find that using black to cover a bright warp tones down the colours too much, I seem to gravitate toward navy which often lifts the colours slightly.

    1. Hi Lynnette, Blogger has stopped telling me of comments. grrr.
      I have to say I like navy as well. I thought it was my gravitating to my "summer" colouring.