Thursday, January 27, 2011

its just not normal

I put on my togs, wrapped a sarong to hide the cellulite and bulges, donned sun hat and jandels, and went to the surf for a swim.  Its just not normal for a human being to want to get into the cold Pacific.  I got wet to my knees and came home hotter than ever.

I've finished the blankets whose warps were on the loom January 1 (or heading that way).
Poutama (Stairway to Heaven)

 Lava, wool warp, mohair weft all hand dyed by me.  Both these are for Pauanesia, a lovely shop in Auckland with product celebrating New Zealand and the Pacific.
 This is some spinning I've been doing on and off over the past while.  It was a sliver of cria alpaca and 15% mulberry silk from the alpaca place in Hot Springs Road, Katikati.  Just lusciously devine.   That's a 20 cent coin to give an idea of how fine I was silly enough to spin it.  I'm thinking knitting it in a lace pattern for maybe a triangular shawl but maybe dyeing it a deep eggplant first.  Time will tell.
My mindless project I work on while travelling or too tired for anything else is "sort of" log cabin squares for a blanket.  These are warp ends or loom waste left over from a series of blankets in the Pounamu (green stone) range which I've knotted together.  There won't be enough on their own so each square will be edged with white or grey, whichever looks better.

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