Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waihi Summer Festival Opening

or alternate heading ... smile, smile, smile two, yes two, merit awards

Last night, Friday here in the antipodes, was the opening of the Waihi Summer Festival at the Waihi S. F. Exhibition which has been running for 40 years straight.  I had two pieces of work exhibited, one in the fibre section and one in the retro section.  My husband also had two photos entered in the photographic section so when we got the call, "are you coming to the opening" we didn't know which of us it was for.

It was me!  I entered Sea Spray (from Low Tide exhibition at Inspirit) in the fibre section.  Woven doubleweave
with monofilament thread and angel wing shells inserted into pockets (wish I or the organisers had straightened the bottom edge).  Because we were only allowed one piece in each section I put Coromandel Waves into the Retro section and it received a merit as well.
  When we were travelling in Crete in 2009 I had time to draw and plan projects while Pete photographed old piles of rock ancient sites and I have in my notebook plans to make this project.  Imagine my surprise to get home and open a copy of Handwoven magazine and a similar project done using wood.  The judge's comment was, I''m told, why didn't she put the wave piece in the fibre section.  The judge was Pat Old and the standard joke for the evening was "pays to know the judge".

The organisers put a lot of time into a smooth running festival and I enter work to support them.  There can only be one winner but without entries there isn't a show.  I'm delighted with my merit awards.


  1. Congratulations! Good work! Is there a way to see all the exhibit pieces in the show?

  2. Congratulations, Sea Spray is a really lovely, unique piece of work.

  3. To my knowledge there is no other presence on the nett.
    Thanks Kylie, see you tomorrow.