Saturday, January 1, 2011

Whats on the looms January 1 2011

White warp for next summer and winter blankets, just waiting for the warehouse to reopen on Jan. 5 to get the weft yarn. 

 This hand dyed warp in the colour of lava is ready to tie on to the Nitsckhe loom for more blankets.
And I really should be working on the table loom threading it with monofilament from this cone for an exhibition piece.
My fibre plan for the New Year is more experimenting, fine fabrics and garments.  Hope its an excellent one for you all.


  1. Dianne, lovely! Since your woven shibori piece, I've associated deep rich reds with your weaving, and it's nice to see some of that on the loom.

    Is your sample loom an Ashford? I do like sample looms with the knobs in the front so I can sit down and weave... Not that I need any more, but if you hear of someone wanting to get rid of them, wink, wink...

  2. Thanks Meg and Bookworm. The loom is a 24" 8 shaft Mecchia which weaves nicely but is very heavy (which I new when I got it).