Monday, July 30, 2012

Kereru, NZ pigeon

Shed a tear with me!
Look at that wrinkly edge!

What happened was that the knit panel wouldn't felt (I didn't check but the threads are descaled.) so I kept rubbing to no avail BUT the pink yarn next to the knit panel did felt.  And this looked so wonderful when it came off the loom, even DH commented on its success.
 It doesn't look bad when draped to wear but I certainly can't put it in the exhibition it was intended for.
Look at the two pink tassels by the green knit stitches; see how short they are.

Is there a code or something that manufacturers have to put on wool labels to say it has been descaled?  I've been caught out too many times.


  1. Idea here... needle weave in a thread in the affected area where the colour changes and pull the thread to emphasize the wrinkling even more.
    No point trying to hide it, so flaunt it!

    Add a a selection of beads to bling up the end and neatly tie off or thread back?

    Lynnette at Dustbunnies just did something similar...


  2. Now there's a thought. I have some elasticated wool thread that would tone in and the elastic would have some give. Thanks for the hint.

  3. Most of the merino we can buy today is descaled. The only one I know of that is not is the 110/2 or 110/3 TEX Merino we are selling. This is perfect for collapse weave or any other weave where you want some felting to happen but this is only because the mill has been commissioned to make this yarn to our specifications. Not descaling is not the norm.

  4. I like Susan's plan! The colours are beautiful too.