Monday, July 23, 2012

Time flies

Oh dear, time is flying by.  I've had a trip away to Auckland to see family and friends and very enjoyable it was too.  18 month old grandson is a treasure but I was totally ignored once his Grandad showed him his image on the camera and which button to press to get it back.  He was very gentle and asked with his eyes before pushing.  

I came down to the studio armed with camera some days ago to post but discovered the latest issue of Entangled magazine was out and no guesses as to who won.  Each article I've read so far has been interesting.  Of particular fun is an article by Stella Lange about workbooks and journalling.  She quotes Leoni Schmidt as saying her journal is "a cupboard for her mind" where she can store ideas and thoughts.  It might make me more enthused about my workbook if I can smile each time I remember the quote.

Now to the crappy news.  I hurt my shoulder some time ago and thought a pulled muscle would mend with time but it didn't so the doctor sent me for an ultrasound xray and the ligaments are torn.  I won't know if its torn from the bone or torn apart till I see the doc later this week.   The xray technician was enthusiastically looking at the other shoulder for comparison till I explained it had been injured about 12 years ago.  She wonder why they looked the same.  Its sure slowing me down - I could throw the shuttle with the injured arm but not beat so all beating was done with the left arm.  

Another diversified plain weave pattern.  I love these shuttles from Mecchia's, so light and zippy but if I wanted to remove a bobbin that was partly full I couldn't get my fingers in to lift it so ...
 I found an old cup hook and made sure it worked before asking Pete to put a handle on it.  Its not the most elegant of craftsmanship but it works.


  1. What pattern are you using here, Dianne? It's very attractive!

  2. Hi Dianne
    So sorry to hear about the shoulder! I have full sympathy for you as I recently pulled a muscle in my right shoulder and it HURT! I can only imagine what you are going through...

    Our new grandson only seems to have eyes for his Grandad when we visit and he only fusses or outright cries when I hold him. I seem to have lost my knack... When Ethan spit up on me last time I resigned myself to the inevitable...

    The diversified plain weave is actually quite a complex pattern! Quite lovely...

    Get well soon...

  3. Thanks Susan.
    Kathy, I've just put up a post trying to explain the round about way I come by these patterns. I think that without the dobby function I'd be sticking to less complicated motifs, like something geometric.