Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's in the knitting bag!

Its official ... you cannot weave with a hot water bottle on your lap.  Its been so cold this last week that everything has slowed down while the body struggles to cope.  Mind you cold for Bay of Plenty is not the same as cold for Twizzel -minus 11 degrees C, brrr.

 Jumper for me, so near finished but I think the sleeves are rather short, more work required there.
 Jumper for Jack, 1 and 1/2 year old grandson.  He might be a bit older before he gets this and maybe a cardi would be easier to get on a little chap who can't stay still for two seconds.
 A Wingspan wrap to use up bits and pieces, all cotton or acrylic.  Now the person its being made for will know its for her!  Can't even see a dent in the stash.  At the beginning and end of each colour change I have two ends to deal with which I was dreading but I've had a bright idea.  Make a feature of them.  Not sure how yet.  I could plait them, crochet them, crochet and loop back into the fabric.  Wish I'd left them longer and it would have used up more yarn.
The blanket squares for Christchurch are multiplying.  Every time we wake to a frost I feel so bad for them down south I knit like mad.  For those who don't know Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island was struck by several devastating earthquakes last year and many folks are living in cold substandard accommodation.

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  1. Loving the wingspan and blanket squares Dianne. The colours seem to bounce around each other making a wonderful cohesive whole. Nice to know I am not the only woman wandering around with a hottie stuffed up my jumper!