Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weaving catch up

 Straight off the loom, Kereru, New Zealand pigeon.
 Sewing a tunic top.
 Ooops, the fabric wasn't wide enough for the bodice.  But needle and thread (and Daryl Lancaster) to the rescue.
 I didn't get the hang of the join to start with (see bottom right of join) but when its done properly its hardly visible, in fact I had to use the embroidery magnifying glass to do the job.  And then I realised that most of it will be covered by an outside facing and seam.
And finally, a close up of the fulled diversified plain weave.  I studied the pictures in the latest Handwoven magazine and I'm happy with this.

And now I really have to get on to finishing some of these projects and I'll be away for the weekend.

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