Thursday, October 18, 2012

Japonisme Part 1

Sunday, October 14 2012, 5 pm and people started coming through the door - coming to see our work.  It really was special to have so many friends and family come to support us.

  Each garment was hung from the ceiling with fishing line and hovered above a plinth, slowly turning allowing viewers to interact.
The following are Dianne's garments and art.
Kournryusui (Floating with the Tide)
Cottom, rayon, silk, silk fabric
Extended twill.

Merino, acetate lining
Main fabric - Echo weave
Collar - shibori

Shibui (Elegant with a touch of grunge)
Wool, angora, silk lining

Sakura (Cherry)
Body - shibori
Collar - diversified plain weave

Sakura no hana (Cherry blossom)
Cotton, silk, lurex, silk lining
Diversified plain weave

Kimonos - cotton, lurex
Silk fabric background

Ryusui (Flowing Water)

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