Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two proud weavers!

It seems no matter how organised you think you are there is always a rush at the end with final stitching, writing bios, sorting photos but we both got to the Gallery near the appointed time even if I was a bit shattered after a fast two hour trip.  (We laughed our heads off when Alison and I realised we were wearing the same top.)

Opening night on Sunday was well attended and it was especially great to see so many friends and family.  And we had sales!
Dianne and Alison in front of Alison's coat.
I'll share photos as soon as I can, hopefully tomorrow after DH develops them from RAW, but am just leaving for Tauranga to see the surgeon about my shoulder.  Surgery or not??  My physio cheered me up by saying I'd improved so much she thought I might get away without it.  Mind you another friend said, just remember surgeons do surgery!


  1. Congrats. Nice photo! I hope you don't have to have a surgery.

  2. Thanks Meg and yeh, no surgery in the meantime and probably not at all. That is such a relief but still a lot of work ahead to get full movement back.

  3. :-< I was wondering if weaving did some good in this respect - does your physio have an opinion??

  4. In case it incriminates me all I'll say is that a lot of my exercises are to strengthen the muscles at the base of the scapula thereby taking the strain off the shoulder.