Saturday, October 20, 2012

I've won a prize!

Remember the Kereru wraps, one of which was a disaster, back here?  The second one had untreated grey wool weft and did what it was supposed to do - felt - but, in my usual state of inefficiency, there is no photo of it.  This is the green weft one just to remind you.
Among all the rush to get Japonisme together I also entered Kereru in the Waikino Art Exhibition, showing over Labour Weekend (this weekend).  It has become quite a big exhibition and well patronised.  Word of mouth tells us I have won the Handcraft section.  That means the section with all fibre, sculpture, pottery, ceramics etc. Woo hoo!

Pete has also won the open section of Photography but, as he entered several photos, we don't know which won.  No we didn't go to the opening Wine and Cheese and no, no one rang to say it might be an idea to go as seems to happen for most exhibitions around here.

I better come down off my cloud and get back to looming, dusting etc.


  1. I think you have great luck with disasters. I remember the very colorful one a few years back! Congrats!

  2. Thanks Meg.
    I remember you mentioning treated wool awhile back. I've been wondering, we weave with cotton, silk, rayon, bamboo etc which are fairly smooth threads and don't full or grip each other so why can't we weave with the treated wool - so long as one doesn't want to felt it deliberately? Just wondering.

  3. Myself, I want wool to felt a little bit, and also I like the textural difference I get when I mix it with mohair or mohair/merino. But you do make a very good point!

  4. Congratulations, that's great!