Saturday, October 20, 2012

Great news!

Hope you didn't get too excited by the title - for me the news is beyond great.

I do not need surgery on the shoulder.  Yep, all the hard work on exercising and stretching, not to mention a few tears along the way, and help from the physiotherapist have paid off.  Still a ways to go; the gross movement is 10 degrees off normal and now working on the fine controls.  When I first went to physio she said set a goal.  The goal I set was to do up my bra (does the world need to know that) and I've achieved it.  Its not a pretty sight and takes a while but I'm getting there.

The horrifying point to come out of the visit to the surgeon was him telling me that if I did have surgery the shoulder would more than likely freeze again and I'd be back to square one.  So, no thank you!

The other wonderful news is that my darling daughter in law is pregnant due end of April.  I'll be clearing the knitting machines down soon and just waiting to know if its lace or cables.


  1. Oh a double congratulations to you and your daughter! That's great news about no surgery. It must have been a relief to hear that. Doing up one's bra is important. Having Hubby in to do that is slightly undignified.... (been there!)

    A new baby too! So your new grandchild will be born roughly as my grandson turns one.

    I will be having surgery on my right foot but not for some time. It will take 20 months just to meet the surgeon let alone the surgical wait time. Apparently he's the only one who can do this special process and so wait I will.


  2. My goodness, is your health system on a par with NZ. A 20 month wait is a long time when suffering.