Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have been weaving ...

In the last week I have woven three scarves in shibori style but rather boring until they are pulled up and dyed. I have finished a piece of Theo Moorman on my table loom which was a
practise for a special project. And these warp threads

have now become this blanket with a mohair weft.

I weave these blankets double layer with a join on one side. I find it easier on my back to weave this way than stretching full width and besides this loom is only 40 inches wide which isn't really enough for a decent sized blanket. And, yes, I tie my warps on to the previous one and pull through the reed and heddles. I've always done this, I've done it on fine merino warps, silk wraps, everything. Never a problem with tangles or tension and the wear on the threads is miniscule compared with the strain every time a shaft is raised or the beater is moved. I put a cross of contrasting thread in front of the beater before cutting the project off, and with a cross in the new warp of contrasting thread, I take one thread at a time and tie an overhand knot. So long as the threads are kept flat in the crosses there is no problem with tangles.

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