Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shibori using thicker yarns

I like to weave with fine threads, TEX 74/2, 110/2 sett at 24 - 30 epi but because I was doing a little teaching of Woven Shibori I thought I should experiment using thicker yarns. This wrap, measuring 40 x 190 cm, has a warp of 8 ply knitting wool sett at 9 epi and a boucle mohair weft. As you can see it has taken the dye well though the weight of the fabric has caused the texture to flatten. The boucle loops reflect the light adding a different dimension. It was woven in a network drafted twill and the shibori resist lines follow the twill line.

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  1. Cool!!! I love to see more people joining in the blogging fun!!