Friday, August 21, 2009

Preparing the next set of blankets

Dyeing warp threads for the next project, blankets for Pauanesia. You can see I have a very scientific take on making variegated warps. Threads tied to an old clothes drying rack picked up from the scrap metal bin at the tip. The thermometer came from a home brew supply shop and I couldn't be without it. The bundle of loom waste to match shades from a previous project and always my tea mug on hand. No, I don't use the jug to make my tea from, its solely for use with the dye. The dye pottles are Landscape brand which I rather like the shades of. I also use a lot a Jacquard acid dye.

And here are half the warps drying on the deck with the view out to Mayor (Tuhua) Island across the Pacific. The day before this was taken the ocean was a churning mess with huge waves crashing and churning wildly. The tuis love the banksia trees in the foreground, especially at this time of year when the flowers are out.

Today I'll be tying these warps on to the previous project and winding them on to the back beam.


  1. Thank you for sharing the photos. I have done painted warps but really want to dye rather than paint. But I can't figure out a setup to use with the range top. Since I use acid dyes I have to be able to get the dye liquor temperature up to just short of boiling for quite a while. My professional range hood is just too large and slippery. However, say up there is kind of a wooden rail from which I (or at least my husband!) might be able to hang something from. My mind is working!

  2. Glad to sow the seed of an idea.
    I like the dye rather than paint technique as I get a smoother change from one shade to the next. Of course when the pot has cooled I place a tie at the other end of the chain bundle and start again.