Friday, August 14, 2009

Mini exhibition

Last year the Katikati Art and Craft Trail was formed and I joined as an experiment as I live 20 kilometres away and thought it a gamble that anyone would travel so far but had a few visitors to my studio. This month we have a mini exhibition at the Katikati information centre. Each week a different group gets to put up a display and today I went in to do my bit. Forgot to take the camera, bother it! Anyway the ceramic doll lady had already set up on her table and put an extra doll on my table which, of course, left me with less space and crowded my area, but I am very concerned someone will pick up a scarf or wrap and knock the doll over so I've made it clear that I take no responsibility for any damage. The display does look very professional and even though its work from 6 artists it is co-ordinated and works as a unit.

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