Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm not fat

This has nothing to do with weaving but a friend sent one of those internet jokes and the catch phrase is: Now I know I'm not fat: I'm just short. I love it, it gives me license to eat chocolate without a conscience. I come from a family of tall people. My Mum was tall, my brothers are 6 feet as is my son, my daughter is tall-ish. But I missed the gene. I remember when I left home aged about 17 Mum had put 6 inch hems in all my clothes so they could be lengthened when I grew. It never happened.


  1. "Undertall" as my good friend Rita once described me. And from where I stand, (yes, I am standing!!) you're pretty tall. :->

  2. Don't say that cause then I'd have to admit to the fat bug.