Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well, I hope there will be more than one as I'm so excited by this one.
I'll have to take you back to Crete again I'm afraid.  While in Chania, our first stop, we went to a market, a huge market, two or three blocks and up side streets, lots and lots a veges and fruit but right at the end several stands of ordinary things like shoes, knickers, embroidered table linen and .... fabric.

                                         A Russian lady selling Turkish fabric to a Kiwi in Crete.
This trip I travelled with a small suitcase and an empty back pack thinking I would have plenty of room in the pack for purchases.  This would have worked but as we moved from town to town the pack was used for food.  So how to choose which fabrics and restrain myself and this was the first stop of a months travel.  I loved so many of them and seeing this photo again I could have chosen many more.
Anyway, duh dah - 

I think I'll call the range "from under the bed" as a friends mother used to hoard beads and treasures under her bed and I was given a few years ago.  They still inspire creativity.

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