Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have been weaving

Before leaving for Crete I had started weaving this double weave scarf, the black is 100% merino and beautiful, the white is 75% merino and 25% corn silk and is awful.  It feels harsh to the touch and didn't full.  A local newspaper recently ran an article on how corn silk had been added to carpet wool making it strong and durable.  I ask you, who would put it with merino?  And in a scarf?  Duh!  And it took so loooong to weave, every stripe change was a change of dobby chains.

Number 2 scarf has been improved considerably by weaving a lovely soft grey wool over the corn silk.  Notice the barber pole fringe where I twisted a black strand with a white one whereas on the striped scarf I separated the layers and twisted black with black and white with white which I like better.

I had some warp left at the end so wondered what would happen if I turned the dobby chains around, back to front and circling backwards.  Not only did the colours reverse but the circles offset also.
As I worked on these I was inspired to use the same threading for some sculptural pieces using monofilament and shells as part of a body of work for exhibition.

On Thursday afternoon I had about 20 ladies from the Mount Maunganui Creative Fibre club visit my studio and we had a major show and tell.  A lot of fun.

I'm now back to the bread and butter of weaving blankets for Pauanesia which I love doing as the colours inspire.

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