Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The last island we visited was Naxos which I enjoyed far more than Santorini, more down to earth and not existing with the sole aim of fleecing the tourist.
One day we took a bus ride to a historic village called Halki, about 20 minutes drive from Naxos town.  Wandering down a street I heard swish, bang, bang and my heart jumped and thought that can only be a loom in action.  Sure enough there was Marie beckoning to me in her shop window.

She was using 4 shafts, 80cm wide,1080 threads and the warp was 800 metre long.  She thought it would take 2 years to weave it all off.  I was surprised that there didn't seem to be any seperaters in the warp.
A bit further on I met Penelope.

She had been taught to weave by her grandmother who also was called Penelope.  Her warp was shorter at 600 metres and she used an 18 dent reed, 36 ends per inch.  She told me she loved her work made with love and taste from her hands and feet.

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