Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Crete Textiles

While in Heraklion, our last stop in Crete, we walked past a yarn shop which was closed.  Bother!  But later in the evening while looking for a restaurant for dinner we passed it again and it was open.  Lots and lots of yarn from Italy.  I chose a couple of unusual balls of black to go with a vest I'm knitting/crocheting for myself.  Might have been tempted by more but the shop assistant was not at all obliging so left her to her missery!

Our hotel manager told us of an antique fibre collection held by the Lycium Club in a wee street nearby.  Quite a challenge finding it as it wasn't marked but ended up yelling through a grill door up the stairs of the only place it was likely to be and a lady appeared and showed us around.  Well what a collection.  Costumes from all areas of Crete, and all sorts of weaving, beautiful bobbin lace, antique bags, old weaving shuttles.

I saw such a wonderful bag at the Lycium club I decided I had to have one.  Most of the ones I saw in the market place felt like they were made with acrylic and very simplified patterns.  Until ....Pete found this one.

Wow!  Turns out it was antique with a price of Euro300 which was about NZ$650.   Needless to say I came home without a bag.

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