Saturday, December 19, 2009

Taking it to the line - er reed

This was a very economic warp.  After two blankets you can see how close the fabric is to the reed and you can see the previous red warp through the heddles, the knots were touching shaft 8.  I tie warps on and pull through.  With 15 cm allowed for tassels there was about 5 cm waste.  And even the mohair weft had minimal waste.  That is all that's left from 350 gm.  I hand dye all these threads, the wool and mohair, so if I run out its pretty difficult to get a match.

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  1. This is the kind of post weavers hold their breaths and break in cold sweat together, isn't it? I have woven once or twice with weft wound around knitting needles. I don't knit, but did buy needles for that purpose!