Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blue Monday

It seems the weaving Goddess (is she Arachne, Athena or Penelope) deserted some of us yesterday.  Meg didn't do too well and neither did I.

I was weaving away, slowly to protect my shoulder, just past the 3.2 metre point when my tie on unrolled from the back beam and ... twang ... two of the bundles of knots came undone and threads everywhere.  I did what any self respecting weaver would do, after venting the God's pedigree, I had a cup of tea.  I'm working on a project which needed 4 metres of continuous cloth, no joins, not negotiable.  Took a big breath, I have to to get in back of the loom, and started sorting the mess.  No photos, too ugly.  The cloth is no longer perfect and just hoping the wet finish will help.

I better go back to it; just 30cm to go.

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