Sunday, September 23, 2012

Golden Cross mine

With a sky that blue who could stay in doors behind a sewing machine?  Went walking around the Golden Cross mine tailings damn  - that's the water you can see in the background, not the pond by mamma sheep. 
 Mining company is prospecting in the hills and rather than put a road in through the bush they are helicoptering their gear in and out.  See the pilot hanging out the door.
 Of course, on these walks I have lots of time to sit while the real photographer works.  This old tree trunk was a tiny world all on its own.  My macro skills (non existent it appears) couldn't capture all the weird fungi and tiny plants.
 Are these rock formations?  No, same trunk above.
And after all that exertion pizza, desert and coffee at the Falls Bistro.  Yum!
Just so this post is not completely devoid of fibre, a sock.
Pattern:  Kalajoki from Ravelry I think.
Yarn: handspun corriedale, sliver from Anna Gratton.
And quick update on the shoulder.  I had the second cortizone injection and things are much less painful and therefore more stretch while exercising and at physio.  I've started going to the local thermal pool and swimming 30 minutes and then 10 minute soak in the hot hot pool.  Life's tough!

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