Sunday, September 16, 2012


Exactly 28 days from today is the opening of the exhibition "Japonisme" which Alison Francis and I have been working towards since the beginning of the year.  Panic ...

Have you wondered why I'd be experimenting with metres and metres of shibori fabric and not show what I'd done with it, sewing projects never shown finished and all the diversified plain weave experiments - cherry blossom indeed.  I assure you each has slowly (very slowly) been morphing into a creation or garment and gradually a body of work is coming together.

We will be exhibiting at NorthArt in Auckland, opening on 14 October and showing until 4 November, 3 weeks in all.

Japonisme is a term coined to explain artistic "borrowings" from the arts of Japan.  Japanese works of art became "catalysts" for new designs.  East meets West if you like.  Japonisme is not trying to imitate but it is "taking the essence and reinterpreting it".


  1. The very best of luck to the both of you. We hang our exhibition two weeks from today. Crikey. Also, do take care of your body.

  2. Thanks Meg. Goodness, two weeks is just around the corner.

    My shoulder has been much better since the last injection; at least less painful. I've decided vacuuming is not a kind occupation though. I see the physio in the morning for more stretching and accupuncture.