Saturday, September 8, 2012


So I saw the surgeon about my shoulder a few days ago.  I guess I had had hopes of a miracle and felt let down.
All he was interested in was how high I could lift my arm then sent me for an xray.  (Why that couldn't have been done at the time of the ultrasound I don't know!)  Back to surgeon who told me my shoulder is frozen.  Well, what's new.  I new that.  I wanted it fixed!
Told to go back to xray for an appointment for more cortizone which it seems a radiologist has to do.  Oh good, I said, my physio hoped that would be suggested.  It was only then that he had the courtesy to open the letter my overworked physio had taken precious time to write - grrr.
No, can't do the injection today, no radiologist working who can do that.  Wait until after 14th Sept when the new roster comes out!  (Was rung yesterday and will have it done Tues 12th.)  When I've had the cortizone I see the surgeon again though I don't know why as he can't make a decision as to whether to operate or not until the shoulder has thawed.  I would have thought by now a hospital could be more organised and co-ordinated.
Each procedure means a 100 kilometre round trip and a day off the loom, time I can ill afford at present.
Thank heavens the NZ tax payer is funding most of this by way of ACC.
One question the surgeon did ask was do I work after asking me my age.  I was pleased to say I am a weaver and work for a shop in Auckland.  Over a certain age ACC won't fund the procedures as you are considered "on the heap".


  1. Oh, dear... what a disappointment for you. Sounds like your healthy system either took a page from our system or vise versa.

    I think the problem lies with the Drs. They don't explain, don't listen, don't advocate for you, and forget peoples lives are on hold.

    I'm on the treadmill to get foot surgery and I reckon it will be 2 years before I'm finally done and healing....


  2. :-<<<<< At least you got ACC, if that makes you feel better. I couldn't the last time from "stacking firewood". But condolences nevertheless for having to deal with this doc.

  3. Thanks ladies. Out of 5 medics I've seen so far the only one who has explained what's happening is the physiotherapist and as she said, if I don't know what's going on I can't work to fix it.
    I don't mean to whinge as there are people far worse off than me but it helps to vent.