Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm very proud ...

of my husband.  He's been attending the Tauranga Photographic Society of New Zealand for nearly a year now and while we were away they had the annual competitions.

An outline of how the club works is two meetings a month.  Artist starts in grade C and works up to grade B and A  by accumulating points for work submitted for appraisal, one meeting in print format and the second meeting in digital, a total of 100 points in either format before moving up the grade.  It can be entered as a set subject or artists choice.  Or you can just go to the meeting for fun.

So, Peter being a newby, is in grade C.  Not only did he bring home a trophy for overall points in C but 8 certificates in all including second overall in Landscape print and Landscape digital.  Guess the practice he gets on many walks and travels is paying off.  I'm happy so long as I take some knitting along.

If you go to the above link for the Society and click on Club Trophy Results 2012 and look for Peter Dudfield's work in print and digital.  Well done Pete.


  1. Well done, Pete. How is your body, Dianne? Should you be knitting?????

  2. Well done both of you. Hope to see you at the opening event, Japonisme. Will catch up on all the news then from your part of the world.