Sunday, September 23, 2012

Update from Blue Monday

Here's the fabric from the previous post.  Third row of blossom down, third from left - it dips, its not straight but overall, considering the mess, I thought not a bad fix.
I do like how the flower nestles in the arch of the wave.  That didn't just happen.  Quite a bit of unweaving happened to achieve it.


  1. You know me, and old 76 vinyl... How is your body? Are the injection temporary just to stave off the pain until the exhibition? Will it have repercussions on your long-term recovering, i.e. fixing it? We all need to keep weaving until we're at least 95, LOL.....

  2. About the shoulder, I don't know. The object at the moment is to "thaw" the joint. I said to the surgeon and keep saying to the physio" I don't want surgery" and I don't get an affirmation but suspect they believe surgery will be a given. I gather the tendons won't heal, one can only strengthen what is left.